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Update May 25th,  added some pics from "Sachs Franken Classic" to the Thunderbird section, checking out the possibility to upload some videos as well.


More SDtudebaker pics in the Studebaker section uploaded as well.


Next upcoming shows:

June 17th - 18th 2018, Retro Classic meets Barock (Nash Healey)

July 13th - 15th 2018, Intl. Oldtimer Meeting Baden Baden (Studebaker)

August 31st - Sept. 2nd 2018, Classic Gala Schwetzingen (Nash Healey)



Welcome to "madguyclassics.com", a private website from and for classic car enthusiasts. I would like to introduce my collection, provide information and share the stories behind the cars with you. 


My passion for classics started with an 1957 MG A. This car was sitting in the garage most of the time, so I decided to sell it. At the moment it was sold, I realized that this has been a big mistake. So I ended up looking for an 8 cylinder roadster, finally bought my 1955 Thunderbird. An extensive restoration was completed and I was looking for a new project. This was the time, when I stumbled over a car I never heared about before. The Nash Healey. But I also found out, that the US-Post Office, as part of the "America on the move" series, in 2005 released a collection of stamps with the most beautiful U.S. sports cars of the 50´s. The "50´s Sporty Cars" series. The cars featured on the stamps: 1952 Nash Healey, 1953 Studebaker Starliner, 1953 Corvette, 1954 Kaiser Darrin and 1955 Thunderbird. This was the ignition for the idea to have not just the stamps, but also the cars of the "50s Sporty Cars" series. My personal "50s Sporty Cars Collection".


Of course there is one exception, as always. There is one more car that I always kept in my heart, the second car I owned as a youg guy. A Porsche 914. Throughout decades I was looking for one in a certain specification. A few years ago I found one and after another extensive restoration, it is in better than new condition as well.


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