Nash Healey Pictures

One of the pictures from the advertisement that catched my interest an let me finally buy the car. 


The seller, a dealer from Long Island, seemed to be trusworthy (and finally was) so I decided to take the risk and buy the car without inspection.



Home sweet Home! Car finally arrived in Germany and feels good with his siblings in the garage...


Technical info:

4,2 ltr. (252 cui) inline 6 engine, based on the Nash Ambassador, Healey aluminum cylinder head, two SU carburetors (later Carter carbs), approx. 140hp, 3 speed plus overdrive



This is my 1952 Roadster as it has been pulled out of storage by the Gas Monkey Team, somewhere in Georgia, as I have been told.

Comfortably leaning on the fender is Richard Rawlings. At the time I bought the car, I was not aware that the car was featured in one of the "Fast´n Loud" episodes.



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